What I’m thinking about today:

What I learned today:

  • Weber’s Law of Just Noticeable Differences: The Difference Threshold (or “Just Noticeable Difference”) is the minimum amount by which stimulus intensity must be changed in order to produce a noticeable variation in sensory experience.
  • We are best able to detect a slope near 45 degrees. When creating a visualization, set aspect ratio of your plot at or around 45 degrees for the average line segment.

Java notes:

Process for starting a new JavaFx application
– Create new project > Java FX
– SDK should be set to 11
– Click project, select open module settings
– Project, language and SDK should be 11 Modules, set to 11
– Global libraries, right click and add to modules
– Right click src folder, new, module-info.java
– In the module-info.java code, add…     
Requires javafx.fxml;     
Requires javafx.controls;     
Opens sample;

GridPane is used for adding buttons <Button text = “click here” GridPane.rowIndex=“0” GridPane.columnIndex=“0”/>