What I’m thinking about today:

  • How sore every muscle is after heavy snatches on Monday and heavy squat cleans yesterday. 
  • How I spent too much time coding today, and not enough time learning about fun things to list down below. 

What I learned today:

  • Creatine takes a while to build up in your system, but you can “creatine load” to get started. (Thanks Kylie!)
  • Chasing Excellence, The 5 P’s of Decision Making: Sit for 3 minutes, and think about what’s really important to you. Create a list. Then write down one or two things you can do to move the needle for each of the things on your list. Come up with an acronym, or some easy way to capture your goals verbally, to recite when you’re making a decision. I did something like this a while back and mine then was “learn, love and shine a light” – but I’m going to do this exercise again.

Today in programming:

  • I finished the course section on Collections, and have started JavaFx!