What I’m thinking about today: 

  • How to keep texts from popping up on my computer, which makes me want to text my friends instead of sticking to my schedule. (Messages > hide)
  • Java…looking for some interesting way to write about what I learned
  • My blocked schedule needs further adjusting, and maybe it will just have to vary by 10 minutes everyday depending on energy
  • How much I love Jason Mantzoukas, especially on the “How did this get made” podcast

What I learned today:

  • Leap years are evenly divisible by 4 and NOT evenly divisible by 100, OR they are evenly divisible by all 3 (4, 100, 400). 

Haystacks – Field Notes: Building Data Dictionaries: Caitlin Hudon explains her process for creating data dictionaries to help with onboarding and capturing institutional knowledge. She uses Google sheets with one sheet for each database and consistent set of fields.  
– Start by documenting what’s important and useful, then build on that. 
– Pay attention to FAQs, aim to answer these
– Consider who is using the dictionary and how
– Plan for a living document

From today’s programming journey

Britannica – Set theory: a branch of mathematics that deals with collections of objects which can be mathematical in nature. In the late 1800s, German mathematician and logician Georg Cantor created a theory of abstract sets that grew from the work he had done with infinite sets of real numbers. Until then mathematicians had avoided dealing with the infinite, and Cantor received criticism because it overstepped into the domain of philosophy, and violated the principles of religion.