What I’m thinking about today:

  • How can I structure my note taking during the day to simplify the process for creating a daily post?
  • Today is day 2 of my scheduled learning approach which is definitely helping me to stay focused and engaged, but 45 minute sessions felt a little long today (might be due to poor sleep last night). I’m going to switch to 30 minutes on, 10 minutes off tomorrow to see if that keeps my energy up.
  • Is there a better way to summarize what I’m learning in java to make it interesting for someone else to read (vs current notes/data dump? Maybe I should chose one topic…or section of code that I found especially interesting, then elaborate on that. Maybe connecting it to non coding life?

What I learned today:

TED – You can grow new brain cells, Sandrine Thuret: They have found a connection between the creation of new neurons with running, quality sleep, healthy food, calorie restriction, omega 3 fatty acids, resveratrol, blueberries, folic acid, zinc, intermittent fasting, caffeine, and curcurmin. They also know that cancer treatments inhibit the creation of new neurons along with stress, lack of sleep, hit fat diets… and the inability to create new neurons is connected to depression.

NCBI – Mirror neuron definition : “Essentially, mirror neurons respond to actions that we observe in others. The interesting part is that mirror neurons fire in the same way when we actually recreate that action ourselves. Apart from imitation, they are responsible for myriad of other sophisticated human behavior and thought processes. Defects in the mirror neuron system are being linked to disorders like autism.”

LinkedIn Learning – Learning Security Frameworks: Since I don’t know anything about security frameworks, I decided to start watching this course today during a course break. Today I learned that there are a variety of standards and industry specific regulations that would influence the framework or frameworks a company would need to implement. Sources for some standards are:

*I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn Learning for getting a basic understanding of challenging topics. Since it’s subscription based, I can jump into any topic I want and learn without having to commit or do a lot of work. It’s a great first step for getting the basic level understanding needed to build skill on top of.

Tony Robbins Podcast – Cracking the Code on Company Culture: “Fandom is one of the most important ways to grow business into the 2020s because it’s true human connection, not just trying to focus on yet another digital communication.” – David Meerman Scott

Fandom comes from 
-They are eager to replicate that thing
– They are willing to spend time and money doing it
– The people that they share that fandom with are among their best friends

To create an exceptional culture, the first thing that has to be communicated is safety. If people don’t feel safe or cared for, they shut down. 

Today’s Java Journey:

  • What is the difference between hash set and has map?Hash Set does not allow duplicates. Hash Map does not allow duplicate keys, but does allow duplicate values. HashSet must override equals() for checks of equality. HashSet is slower, and insertion method is Add() while HashMap is faster, insertion method id Put().
  • Overloading a method vs Overriding? – to override the equals method, you need to include the same parameter…(Object obj)
  • Reason for overriding equals (and hashcode) methods: Pluto code exercise example, it returned both because one had a different value. For it to be seen as equal (then removing the duplicate) the key and value have to be exactly the same. When overriding equals, you also have to override the Hash code. 
  • https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/lang/Object.html#equals-java.lang.Object-
  • Use final in equals and hashcode method to prevent further overriding.
  • Bulk operations are destructive, so create a new hashset when doing something like creating a union, and using the addAll() method.