Coding Newbie podcast S10:E4
– When Amy Chen is trying to learn something new, she creates a project for herself, learns what she needs to complete the project, and finds a community that can quickly provide answers when she gets stuck.
– Don’t reject yourself: its not up to you to decide if you’re unqualified. Do your best and let the cards fall where they will.
– Build a personal brand: it’s easier to enter a room or interview when they already know who you are.

Sharon Van Etten on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert episode

Java learning:
Collection Interfaces and algorithms

Personal Notes & Questions:

  • I’m currently giving evernote another try after listening to Tim Ferris’ book reading and note taking process. Besides being able to capture more of what I read, I’m hoping to come up with a system for taking notes throughout the day that’s easy to come back to / search / isn’t a total mess.
  • Note to self: How can I organize my day, and put a filter on my course work in a way that allows me to improve my focus? Tomorrow I will try to come up with a daily work agenda. In the past, skipping every 30+ minutes between types of learning (course online, book, podcast episode, youtube video) seemed to keep my interest and attention, but I also REALLY want to finish this Udemy course before I’m 80.
  • Code idea: I was going to redo a code challenge based on what I’ve learned – but based on above, instead of converting milesperhour to kilometers per hour, I should create a program that interprets amount of focus time based on distractions (averages based on amount of messages per hour, trips to the bathroom because of glasses of water consumed, snack times, …and focus increased by amount of meditation). 🙂